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Purchase my 30 minute -
Help You Sleep Sound Bath
Promotes deeper sleep quality
Decreases any anxiety or depression
Helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer 
$50 - listen anywhere at anytime






About Us

What is a Sound Bath?

Sound Baths are a passive form of healing, all that is required of you is to just lie back, close your eyes & bathe (listen to) the sounds of the bowls. Sound Baths are profoundly healing. They reduce stress, anxiety, depression, worry & fear. Balance your nervous & energy systems. Improves mood & emotional intelligence. Increases optimism & relaxation. Enhances self-esteem & self-acceptance.



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Danica Eakman

Hi! I am Danica. 

A Sound Healer & Crystal Tones bowl retailer. Sounds baths have helped me during the lowest times in my life. The power of sound has helped me to release anxiety, relax & connect back to myself when I need it most. Immediately after my first experience with the bowls I knew I had to share this healing experience with others. 

I hold healing, crystal alchemy sound bath experiences in Hunts Point, all over Washington state, and with clients all over the world. My work with Amazon has been monthly since I started my business. Providing welcomed relaxation for many teams throughout the organization. I wanted to share my favorite quote about sound baths with you, “meditation is like taking the stairs and a sound bath is like taking the elevator.” Sara Auster. If you have ever tried to meditate (or are new to meditation and want to see what all the fuss is about) and can’t seem to relax your mind, this is definitely an experience you should try. It captures the benefits of meditation faster and with greater ease. I hold private 1:1 session’s that are personally curated for your optimal healing, group sessions, parties of friends or family and also corporate events. 

I have studied under two of the leaders in the sound healing realm, Jeralyn Glass & Susy Shieffelin out of Los Angeles, California.   

This profound healing is something I want to share with everyone who is open to receiving it. Please do not hesitate to inquire if you have any questions or want to book a session. It would be my honor to learn all about you and hold space for you and your healing. 

Green Door Sound Bath 

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Green Door Sound Bath X Brandtegic DEC 2
Green Door Sound Bath X Brandtegic DEC 2
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